HEY! so if you follow heyhelbighey she said that she’s starting a collab channel with some people, well guess what! I’M ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE! So here is my first video, also sorry I kept saying “sorry” and “like” a lot. ok so yeah it would mean a lot if y’all could watch this video and ya know subscribe if you want to. 

youtube C3H i'm too lazy to make a cool thumbnail i'm gonna get better at this i promise im very excited to see where this goes grace helbig chester see hannah hart mamrie hart shane dawson tyler oakley zoella ok im done tagging

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daily reminder that you're an amazing person <3

Be The Weirdest Little Weird In All Of Weird Town Answer:

Thank you very much you lovely human!


ok here’s the first video for our new collab channel i hope u like it ew sorry i had to do the first one but everyone else is so much cooler



I can’t even tell you how excited I am to announce this.  A few weeks ago I made a post on here saying that I was interested in making a collab channel because I was too scared to create my own youtube channel.  From then we have built a little team and i’ve just finished setting up the channel and the videos start today!!! (There are still some things to do but this is a work in progress ok get off my dick)

I make videos on Monday, Hope does videos on Tuesday, Celines does videos on Wednesday and Clare does Thursdays! 

You can find the channel here, the first video will be uploaded in about an hour!